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| November 20, 2015

for this one, please check grammar, vocabulary and any mistakes that i made, and correct them all.

make the article better and more smooth so that i can get an A+.


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When you are driving East along the Highway 401, you may pass by some billboards with the cute, black and white creature on it. “Meet the giant pandas at Toronto zoo!” the slogan says. When you open the website of the Zoo, there’s a whole section introducing the giant pandas with pictures and videos.

“What is black and white and loved all over? The giant panda of course!” The zoo writes on their website.

For the second time ever, two giant pandas are in Toronto. Different from last time in 1985, the pandas have a bigger family now—Er Shun gave birth to twin cubs last month in the Toronto zoo.They are one month old now and will remain in the maternity den with their mom for a few months.Maria Franke, the curator of mammals at the zoo describes it as “a huge surprise to the city.”

“We are really really glad to have the baby pandas here, it’s like a dream come true,” she said. “Er Shun is a great mother and we love them so much.”

There are fewer than 2,000 pandas live in the wild, mostly in the provinces of Sichuan and Shaanxi. There were 375 giant pandas in captivity at the end of 2013, about 200 of them at the CCRCGP. In February 11, 2012 in Chongqing China,Toronto Zoo CEO John Tracogna and Calgary Zoo President and CEO Clement Lanthier signed the official Giant Panda Cooperation Agreement confirming the arrival of Er Shun and Da Mao to Canada. The two giant pandas is staying in Canada for at least ten years.

Every decision has to be made carefully to protect giant pandas.Apart from their dependence on bamboo, One thing that endangers this lovely species is their low productivity.When pandas are between 4-8 years of age, they reach maturity and can reproduce. However, female pandas are only able to become pregnant for 2-3 days each spring. The giant panda has a low birth rate of one cub every two years.

The Toronto Zoo supports a bamboo and habitat restoration project in China through the Endangered Species Reserve fund in collaboration with the Memphis Zoo. As well the Toronto Zoo employs a Reproductive Physiologist who not only investigates ways to improve the reproduction of endangered species will utilize her expertise for our very own breeding program for Er Shun and Da Mao.

Why do people care and love giant pandas so much? Is that because the cute look they have, or because of that Giant pandas are one of the world’s most endangered species?

Acoording to Professor Steve Joordens from the UTSC  Psychology Department, one of the reasons for people to love giant pandas is that pandas look like humans babies in some ways.

“In scientific terms, it’s called neoteny,” Joordens said. “we love pandas because their big eyes, the way they sit and eat, they way they play with toys all remains us of children.”

Lindsay Henderson is a frequent visitor of the Toronto Zoo, she follows the Zoo on Twitter, Facebook to check out the photos of the giant pandas. Henderson says that it is human’s instinct to love cute creatures.

“They are adorable! I don’t even think we need a reason to love them, what’s the reason not to?” she said .

Giant pandas has also been used by China to represent the potency of a nation. They symbolizes peace and friendship and works as a  window for other countries to learn Chinese culture. Da Mao and Er Shun are on loan from the Chinese government to Canada for 10 years, they are moving to Calgary Zoo from the Toronto Zoo in 2018.The two lovely pandas are seen as a sign of warmer diplomatic relations between the two countries. If the twin cubs will stay in Canada is unsure and the negotiation with China is continuing.



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grammar check and revise

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