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| September 26, 2015

CJ210: Criminal Investigation

Unit 4 Worksheet


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After reading the article, complete the following tables to provide the information for the following questions:

  1. What were the top three types of crimes that the U.S. obtained wiretaps for?
  2. What was the method of surveillance for each crime?
  3. How were the wiretaps obtained and with what authority?


Source:U.S. Courts (n. d.). Wiretap reports 2012. Retrieved from


   Crime 1 Crime 2 Crime 3
Top three crimes where wiretaps were obtained      
Surveillance Methods



How were the wiretaps obtained? What authority?





  1. What is the purpose of bugs, pen registers, and beepers related to surveillance?


Bugs Purpose:
 Pen Registers Purpose:
Beepers Purpose:


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