government analysis

Political Cartoon Analysis Paper–20% of course grade/100 points
One 300 word paper , It is worth a possible 100 points and is evaluated on the quality of the argument. Grammatically correct and complete sentences improve the score.
No late papers are accepted! .
Use the following link:
From this web page, select one cartoon by Mike Luckovich. For alternative cartoons by Luckovich, click on the “previous” or “next” arrows. Note the date on the cartoon itself. The cartoon must have a date between Monday, June 1, 2015 andMonday, June 29, 2015. A paper that uses a Luckovich cartoon outside this date range will receive a zero! A paper that uses a cartoon that is not by Mike Luckovich or a Luckovich cartoon that is not from will receive a zero!
This is a three-paragraph essay. Respond to each of the following with a brief paragraph of about 100 words:
1. Describe the cartoon: whom or what is depicted?
2. What issue (or issues) does the cartoonist address, and what is the cartoonist’s point of view?
3. Describe and analyze the symbols and images used by the cartoonist.

The entire paper is limited to a 300-word maximum and more will not be accepted by iCollege. Title the essay with the cartoon’s date. This title, which should be left aligned, and accurate format are worth 5 points or half a grade on the paper. Use the following format: 4 Jun. Cartoon
Each paragraph should be single-spaced. Skip one and only one line between the title and the first paragraph in the paper. Skip one and only one line between each paragraph in the paper. Left align all three body paragraphs and do not use indents. Do not include your name or any date other than the cartoon’s date in the title of the paper. Write the paper using Microsoft Word or another software that produces a .doc or .docx file. Submit the paper as an attachment