Gorbachev Speech Dissolving the Soviet Union (USSR): Christmas 1991

| July 21, 2015

Gorbachev Speech
Dissolving the Soviet Union (USSR):
Christmas 1991
In this Christmas 1991 (western Christendom date) speech , Mikhael S. Gorbachev resigned as
president of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). This action was the final act in a
peaceful dissolution of this communist (socialist) nation that had been borne out of the October
1917 revolution. This complete text of the speech is offered on Christmas 1999.
Dear compatriots, fellow citizens, as a result of the newly formed situation, creation of the
Commonwealth of Independent States, I cease my activities in the post of the U.S.S.R.
president. I am taking this decision out of considerations based on principle. I have firmly
stood for independence, self-rule of nations, for the sovereignty of the republics, but at the
same time for preservation of the union state, the unity of the country.
Events went a different way. The policy prevailed of dismembering this country and
disuniting the state, with which I cannot agree. And after the Alma-Ata meeting and the
decisions taken there, my position on this matter has not changed. Besides, I am
convinced that decisions of such scale should have been taken on the basis of a popular
expression of will.
Yet, I will continue to do everything in my power so that agreements signed there should
lead to real accord in the society, (and) facilitate the escape from the crisis and the reform
process. Addressing you for the last time in the capacity of president of the U.S.S.R., I
consider it necessary to express my evaluation of the road we have traveled since 1985,
especially as there are a lot of contradictory, superficial and subjective judgments on that
Fate had it that when I found myself at the head of the state it was already clear that all
was not well in the country. There is plenty of everything: land, oil and gas, other natural
riches, and God gave us lots of intelligence and talent, yet we lived much worse than
developed countries and keep falling behind them more and more.
The reason could already be seen: The society was suffocating in the vise of the
command-bureaucratic system, doomed to serve ideology and bear the terrible burden of
the arms race. It had reached the limit of its possibilities. All attempts at partial reform, and
there had been many, had suffered defeat, one after another. The country was losing
perspective. We could not go on living like that. Everything had to be changed radically.
The process of renovating the country and radical changes in the world turned out to be far
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more complicated than could be expected. However, what has been done ought to be
given its due. This society acquired freedom, liberated itself politically and spiritually, and
this is the foremost achievement which we have not yet understood completely, because
we have not learned to use freedom.
However, work of historic significance has been accomplished. The totalitarian system
which deprived the country of an opportunity to become successful and prosperous long
ago has been eliminated. A breakthrough has been achieved on the way to democratic
changes. Free elections, freedom of the press, religious freedoms, representative organs
of power, a multiparty (system) became a reality; human rights are recognized as the
supreme principle.
The movement to a diverse eco nomy has started, equality of all forms of property is
becoming established, people who work on the land are coming to life again in the
framework of land reform, farmers have appeared, millions of acres of land are being given
over to people who live in the countryside and in towns.
Economic freedom of the producer has been legalized, and entrepreneurship,
shareholding, privatization are gaining momentum. In turning the economy toward a
market, it is important to remember that all this is done for the sake of the individual. At this
difficult time, all should be done for his social protection, especially for senior citizens and
We live in a new world. The Cold War has ended, the arms race has stopped, as has the
insane militarization which mutilated our economy, public psyche and morals. The threat of
a world war has been removed. Once again I want to stress that on my part everything
was done during the transition period to preserve reliable control of the nuclear weapons.
We opened ourselves to the world, gave up interference into other people’s affairs, the use
of troops beyond the borders of the country, and trust, solidarity and respect came in
The nations and peoples [of this country gained real freedom to choose the way of their
self-determination. The search for a democratic reformation of the multinational state
brought us to the threshold of concluding a new Union Treaty. All these changes
demanded immense strain. They were carried out with sharp struggle, with growing
resistance from the old, the obsolete forces.
The old system collapsed before the new one had time to begin working, and the crisis in
the society became even more acute.
The August coup brought the general crisis to its ultimate limit. The most damaging thing
about this crisis is the breakup of the statehood. And today I am worried by our people’s
loss of the citizenship of a great country. The consequences may turn out to be very hard
for everyone.
I am leaving my post with apprehension, but also with hope, with faith in you, your wisdom
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and force of spirit. We are the heirs of a great civilization, and its rebirth into a new, modern
and dignified life now depends on one and all.
Some mistakes could surely have been avoided, many things could have been done
better, but I am convinced that sooner or later our common efforts will bear fruit, our
nations will live in a prosperous and democratic society.


  • summarize the reading and answer question
  • about 350 words within 24 hours
  • question 1: what is Gorbachev saying about the fall of the Soviet Union?
  • question 2: why does he encourage the collapse?

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