Google Analytics IQ Certification

| December 21, 2015

The Google Analytics IQ Certification demonstrates a Google Analytics proficiency that is made available to anyone who has passed the exam on Google Analytics IQ. It is important to an individual qualification because it is simple for beginners and for users who are knowledgeable, it is a powerful tool. They can use it to leverage Google Analytics effectively within their companies and also help others in doing the same. When signing up for Google partners, one accesses the free IQ examination of Google Analytics.

There is a way in which one can earn an individual qualification. According to the article “Managing Organizational Change” (2013), firstly, you need to sign up or register with Google Partners so as to create your profile. There you can access the independent examination. After passing the exam, you will get a personalized certificate and a page of public profile. There are various courses one has to take to prepare for the exam. They include the Google Analytics Platform Principles and the Digital Analytics Fundamentals courses.

You can share your qualification status with others. You can show other people you personalized certificate once you pass the exam. You can also access your personalized certificate by going to the “My Profile” section in you partner’s account and following the steps below if you wish to print your document. On your profile page, the appearing features are your name that will be similar to the one used in Google account, the Agency’s name if your company profile is affiliated with your profile. Your profile photo will appear on the page your partner’s profile. If your Google+ profile does not have a photo, it will not appear. Your certifications will be shown on all the certifications as well as the received individual qualifications.

When seeking to share your Partner’s public profile by making it publicly visible following the following steps: log into your partner’s account, clicking “my profile”, click “share with” in the drop-down menu and select “Public” so that others can be able to view it. You can update your information account if your name does not appear on the public profile page.



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