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| December 21, 2015

There are five courses in the Google Analytics Academy namely Google Tag Manager Fundamentals, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals, Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions as well as the Google Analytics Platform Principles and Digital Analytics Fundamentals. The essay below looks into the five courses and what they entail.

The first course is the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals that seeks to help users to know how to simplify the implementation of the tag as well as the process of management for analysts, developers, and marketers (Analytics Academy 2015). In this course, one can learn the fundamental principles and concepts of tag management by employing the Google Tag Manager. Also, one will learn how to develop tags for websites as well as managing firing rules, how to improve implementation of the Google Analytics and how to have marketing tags such as Dynamic Remarketing configured.

The second course is the Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals that deals with the use of Google Analytics data to make applications more profitable and discoverable. In the one will cover the mobile analytics foundations, measurement of behaviors of users in your app, finding general characteristics of one’s users and attract more as well as the use of data to improve on the strategies of monetization. Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions covers the proper reporting as well as analysis of the techniques of analysis to aid one in their business of e-commerce in making decisions that are informed using the Data of Google Analytics. One immerses him or herself in the planning of measurements processes and practice navigation of Google Analytics to advance an e-commerce business performance. One learns how to use reports of Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, comparing various data groups using segmentation, choosing standard that are meaningful that are relate to one’s measurement plan as well as conducting analysis with your data in depth.

The Google Analytics Platform Principles looks into the manner in which the platforms of Analytics reports collects, organizes and transforms the Analytics Data. It highlights the four Analytics Platform components that are processing, configuration, collection, and reporting. Also, the ways that Analytics collects the needed data in different devices. Also, the ways in which data is transformed before one sees in their reports as well as the major concepts for having data of Analytics customized in a manner that is useful.

Finally, the Digital Analytics Fundamentals provides the basis for analysts and marketers who are seeking to understand the primary principles of digital analytics as well as improve the performance of the business by improved digital measurement. It delves the current landscape of digital measurement. Also, it offers guidance on building a plan for adequate analysis. It also highlights the best actions for actionable data collection. A description of the fundamental concepts of digital measurements and techniques of analysis and broad discussion of the reports on Google Analytics for evaluating one’s performance in digital marketing.




Analytics Academy. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2015, from


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