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| October 17, 2015

You are required to study Case Study 6: ‘Michael Hill International: Controlled expansion and sustainable growth’ (p.450) in your textbook and answer the five questions (see below) at the end of the case study (p.460). 2800 words.
1. What elements of global strategic management are apparent in Michael Hill’s initial expansion into Australia?
2. Critically analyse Michael Hill’s diversification into shoes.
3. Compare and contrast the entry models into Australia, Canada and the United States.
4. What factors do you believe Michael Hill included into the feasibility analysis to move overseas?
5. The case highlights the fact that the North American market is fragmented. What are the characteristics of fragmented industries such as these? How should companies like Michael Hill compete in a fragmented industry?
The case study primarily focuses on Chapters 6, 8, and 11 of the textbook. However, you are strongly advised to study other materials such as selected readings in modules plus any additional sources for the case study. You should prepare this assignment in ‘Essay’ format. In preparing this assignment, you should refer to Chapter 5: ‘Essay writing’ in Summers and Smith 2010, Communication skills handbook, 3rd edn, John Wiley and Sons. The use of subtitles is encouraged in the development of your essay however, these should be used sparingly. You may use a brief version of the questions as subtitles for your assignment. Keep subtitles short, simple and relevant to the content which they represent. It is important for essays to have standard subtitles for ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’.
Please note that there is a 10% +/– allowance on the word count for the assignment.

Marking rubric:

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