Golden Personality Inventory PSY-101

Summary should be at least 2 pages in length. Support with cited evidence from the reading and/or other sources as needed by including a list of informal citations. Include an informal list of resources at the end of the assessment for all sources used. APA is not required. Although if you are directly quoting something or someone other than yourself that must be in quotation marks. (See notes at the seminar level for more information on APA and citations)
Do you agree or disagree with the results? Explain.
Using the results of this assessment and the content of your textbook in Chapter 9, 10, & 17, how can you use this information to become more effective within your relationships? In particular address the following:
What personality traits might help or hinder workplace relationships?
How can you use the information you learned from this assessment to help you avoid and/or manage workplace conflict?
Does your personality type tend to lead you have higher or lower stress levels? How can you use this information to improve effectiveness?
Identify two things you can be more aware of (or do differently) to improve human relations as a result of what you learned from this exercise.

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