Golden City Psychiatric Services

| May 20, 2015

Regional Victoria Golden City Psychiatric Services is the key provider of acute psychiatric services in regional

Victoria. The adult acute unit provides a short term admission and assessment unit for adults experiencing

their first episode of psychosis or mental illness requiring inpatient assessment and treatment. Daniel is a 20

year old single man who was made redundant some 18 months ago from a position he loved. He received no

notice of this termination and had previously held this position as a skilled electrician and fitter for some 4

years. He resides with his elderly retired parents on the outskirts of town. Daniel has lost contact with his circle

of friends with the advance of his depression. Daniel was brought into hospital by Police having been found in his

room in a very depressed state in an uncommunicative state. He was assessed by the regional Psychiatric

Assessment Team recommended for an inpatient assessment. His parent’s report difficulties managing his

increasing care needs but feel obligated to have him return home. It would appear Daniel has been threatening

his parents according to his siblings but his parents deny these reports. Daniel appears competent but lacks

insight into his context and needs. The inpatient psychiatric assessment team believes he requires an

independent guardian to make decisions about accommodation, medication and lifestyle decisions and take the

worry away from his elderly parents.


Case Study 3 – Analysis

Relevant laws:

Mental Health Act 2014

Vic Charter

Guardianship and Administration Act (GAA)

Instruments Act

Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) Flow Chart

Critical Reflections:


Competing Interest

(Conflicting interests of different parties – Client versus frail parents)

Competence versus Incompetence – Involves two separate and distinct avenues of action VCAT and non-VCAT – Threshold Issues for VCAT – (Disability / Incapacity / Need)

Human Rights:

Vic Charter No. 10, 8, 22

Ethical Principles:

AASW- 5.1, 5.2, 5.3

Ethical Reflection:

Best Practice – Assertive Practice & CTO & Recovery Models


Reamer Model (1999)


Identify the ethical issue (including the social work values and duties that conflict)

Ethical theories, principles & guidelines

Codes of Ethics and legal principles

Social work practice theory and Principles

Personal Values

Identify the individuals, groups or organizations likely to be affected by the decision

Identify all viable courses of action and the participants involved in each action

Examine the reasons in favor of and opposed to each course of action                       considering:-

Consult with colleagues and appropriate experts

Make the decision and document the decision making process

Monitor evaluate and document the outcomes of the decision (1)


(1) Reamer, F.G. (1999) Social Work Values and Ethics (2 ed) Columbia Uni Press )

Enquiry 3 – Marking Guide: (2,000-word Case Study Analysis = 50%)

Your task for this assignment is to provide a written report where you are required to provide a more detailed analysis and address the following five key components:

Explanation of the relevant laws and legal systems impacting on the case (Specifically – cites relevant law /legal provisions; cites legal cases & engages in critical analysis) 10/50


Capacity to critically reflect on the ethical, human rights and practical issues (Specifically – refers to ethical codes and human rights charter; applies relevant provisions & undertakes critical discussion) 10/50



Understanding of social work role or potential role within the legal context (Specifically to draw upon research & evidence to conduct critical analysis; capacity to reflect on ethical / human rights / social & personal issues relating to case) 10/50


Demonstration of clear understanding of ethical principles and ability to apply ethical decision-making model to case (Specifically ability to apply an ethical model; demonstrate an understanding of ethical principles; discussion & application of professional practice matters) 10/50



Presentation and structure of paper – headings, APA referencing, introduction & conclusion, use of evidence (Specifically clear & coherent structure; minimal format and grammatical issues; no unsupported claims or statements; good reference to credible evidence, reads well and is persuasive)10/50


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