Gold Standard

| May 23, 2014

“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” (United States Dollar). These words are on every single United States Dollars that is produce by the United States Treasury. The power was given to the Treasury by Congress who has the authority to print currency under the United States Constitution Article I, Section 8. In today’s world, the faith and credit of the U.S. Dollar is under attack by some politician believe returning to the Gold Standard Policy. These academic philosophers in political policy believe that going back to such an idea will restore value to the US. Dollar and will help the economy prosper. This is the wrong approach on restoring the faith in the US Dollar!

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Jury selection and voir dire
Develop an interview questionnaire comprising of 20 questions based on the developmental theories of Piaget and Bandura, relating to a developmental event in your interviewee’s adult life.

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