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| February 10, 2014

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Please watch the documentary by going to the vimeo link:

Type up the answers to the questions listed below.
1. List 8 examples from the documentary of advertisements that depict images of women in a stereotyped of degraded way. Describe the image, what product is being sold, and explain why it could be considered harmful to women.
2. According to Jean Kilbourne, increasingly ads have objectified men as well. How do these male ads differ from the female ones in terms of the way males are depicted and possible stereotypes these ads encourage?
3. According to Jean Kilbourne, what are some of the negative results in our society that come from being exposed to ads that objectify women? Why does she refer to these images as a “public health problem”? And what are some “signs of progress” she is seeing on this issue?
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Violence against women
Working-Class Women in the Great Depression


Category: Gender and Conflict Studies

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