Goedehoop: Case study

| July 27, 2015

Goedehoop: Case study
Use Reference
Rowe, G., & Guerrero, L. (2013). Cases in leadership (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage.
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Case Study
Issue Analysis:
Using the Ellet model analyze the case covering all 5 points, situation, type of case, hypothesis, proof and action and alternatives and integrate the theory of the chapter.
How could Brink as an authentic leader push the importance of testing? How could he persuade all the Anglo units to respond optimally in the next three months?
When you analyze the case be sure to apply the Ellet article’s case analysis process model you read in week 1.
1. Situation – Synopsis of the case
2. Type of case – Problem, evaluation, decision or rules
3. Questions – Questions your have about the case
4. Hypothesis – A clear one or two sentence statement (do not use the chapter theory as your hypothesis)
5. Proof and Action – Evidence from the case supporting your hypothesis
6. Alternative- An alternative action that has less supporting evidence from the case

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