Globalization of Komatsu: Digging Out of Trouble

| March 14, 2014

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Introduction/Company Profile ? introduction to the company, name, ownership, history, headquarters, locations, size, product scope, geographic scope, integration, organization structure, key executives
Company Direction ? vision, mission, values, and major goals
External Analysis ? macro environment (e.g., political/legal, economic, demographic, socio-cultural, technology), industry environment (e.g., dominant economic traits, five forces, driving forces, key success factors), competitor (e.g., strategic group mapping, competitors? next moves)
Internal Analysis ? resource strengths and weaknesses, capabilities, core competence, distinctive competence, financial analysis, costs/prices, value chain/value system, competitive strength assessment, and present company strategy/strategies
SWOT Analysis ? derived from previous two sections of the analysis
Identification of Front-Burner Issues (strategic issues and problems) ? multiple issues that merit immediate action should be identified; no company is without them
Identification of Alternative Courses of Action to Solve the Issues and Problems Identified in the Previous Section ? multiple alternatives should be identified for each problem/issue
Decision Criteria ? Identify the decision criteria used in selecting the course of action for each issue identified
Recommendations ? your decisions with respect to which alternatives to the problems/issues should be implemented based the identified decision criteria
Implementation Plan ? ?high level? plan(s) to implement the recommendations
Any Concluding Remarks
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Category: International Organizations and Global Governance

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