Globalization and Income Inequality

| July 30, 2016

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One of the central debates in the study of market globalization revolves around the issue of global income inequality. Is global income inequality increasing or is it decreasing and what is the role of market globalization in driving trends in global income inequality?


Your task in this essay is to critically examine competing views of the link between

market globalization and inequality. Martin Wolf claims that market globalization has

reduced the level of global income inequality. Branko Milanovic, on the other hand,

argues that the evidence is inconsistent with Wolfs view. First, lay out the key reasons

why Wolf and Milanovic disagree about the relationship between market globalization

and global inequality. The rest of the essay should be oriented around your answer to the

following questions: which position in the debate about market globalizations link to

global inequality is more convincing, and why?

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