| September 24, 2015

Part 1:
We continued our discussion of globalization and viewed a TED talk that demonstrates how some Americans are making a difference for women around the globe. With these things in mind, answer the following questions:
1. What are some impacts of globalization? Try to think about positive, negative, and in-between impacts and use examples from the readings when appropriate.
2. Where can you see globalization in your everyday life?
3. Why is globalization a feminist concern?
4. How can we as a) individuals and b) Americans stop contributing to the problems of globalization and/or advocate on behalf of others without being ethnocentric?
Some of these are difficult questions. This is a chance for us to talk through ideas; I do not expect you to have answers that save the world–but it would be wonderful if you do! 🙂
Use these two links below and the two articles attached to reference.

Search the internet. Find an example of how globalization effects women. In your journal entry, 1) briefly summarize the example you found, 2) explain how your example is an example of globalization and its effects on women. 3) Also include a link to the news article, website, or video you found. Do not use Half the Sky for this activity. Then, in the last part of your entry, 4) share your thoughts about your privilege and what you think your responsibility as an American citizen is to women around the globe. If you are not an American citizen, discuss how your own national identity makes certain privileges accessible to you and your responsibilities to women around the globe as a citizen of your nation.

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