| November 30, 2015

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Write a paper outlining your view of globalization & address the following question;

  • Examine the level of globalization in today’s world
  • In doing so evaluate whether the world is “flat” or “globaloney” exists?

The purpose of this paper is to:

  • Demonstrate your grasp of globalization issues & the various factors at play
  • Demonstrate an ability to analysis two theoretical perspectives & outline which perspective you consider to be supported by evidence
  • Objective is to outline critical assessment of the above question & support with reliable evidence & data


How to do it?

  • Feel free to draw from materials across various weeks & use additional sources of information
  • Ensure that sources used are widely known, independent and reliable (such as national newspapers, UN agencies, governments offices) & quote sources in accordance with academic standards
  • Finally, please make sure that the first and last paragraphs of the essay are coherent and related to each other



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