Global warming

| March 9, 2014

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If you can form groups of 2-3 students to work on a single project, great, otherwise, submit a short (1/2 page max) proposal of a safety, health or environmental safety topic of your choice. Once approved, you can start working on your project and collecting data. Your proposal will count towards a HW grade as well.
Feel free to consider using terms of environmental issues that were discussed in class. Point out the key parameters that you would like to improve upon, and justify why your recommendations or findings (if any) would make more sense.
To give you some ideas, consider one of the following topics:
• Ozone depletion
• Global warming (the new science for and against)
• Pollution prevention
• Environmental waste management systems
• Environmental restoration
• Environmental monitoring processes
• Indoor air pollution
• Environmental issues in the Houston area
• Ecological systems
• Remediation technologies
Project Presentation:
While this course is solely online, you will need to develop a Powerpoint presentation file and send it to your instructor. Project will NOT be presented in person, however, your presentation file may be posted for students to see. It will also need to be submitted to the UHCL students conference.
Project final report is to be submitted to the instructor. Report is to follow UHCL guidelines for academic reports and manuscripts. It should include the following:
• Title
• Table of Contents
• Abstract
• Introduction/Problem Statement
• Method
• Findings/Discussion and Recommendations
• Conclusion
• References
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If you have difficulty finding material on your topic, consult a Reference Librarian (281
3910; see also
Ask a Librarian
on the library homepage).
i already have the proposal, the one i ordered
Global warming has single handedly contributed towards creating climatic chaos at an international level. The high levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuels collectively contribute towards higher temperatures, death of wildlife and rising sea levels. A crucial move towards solving the global warming crisis lies in saving the existing limited sources and discovering newer and efficient energy sources. In tackling the global warming issues, a two-pronged approach that will seek to reduce the effects and seek out alternative energy sources will be used. At the micro level, strategies to change lifestyles and consumption by companies, governments and individuals will be addressed. These involve handling of environmental waste, usage of technology and agriculture among other aspects (Braasch & McKibben 17). At the macro level, energy, manufacturing, transportation and other key sectors of government should work towards reducing pollution and other destructive practices. Reducing the adverse effects of global warming will have a massive impact on overall human health and the environment. Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases will avoid approximately 510,000 deaths by 2030 as patients and other people can switch to sustainable lifestyles that use renewable and clean energy (Sweet 32). Limiting the adverse effects of global warming also creates employment opportunities for governments that employ scientists and other experts to carry out research in new energy sources.
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