Global Project Journal

Global Project Journal
The assignment is intended to increase your awareness of the international business transactions happening around you as we progress through our course.  You will take notice of events happening on a quarterly, daily and even hourly basis around the world which affect our lives here in the United States.  You will be able to tie these events with the content we learn in class to realize the value of your increased knowledge.  Being the semester has been allotted for completion of this journal, the expectation is for solid synthesis and relevancy

  • 5 different articles from credible sources are required (try to pick articles throughout the semester).
  • Each article must be fully cited (APA is fine) and must be included in totality in your submission
  • Each article is to be followed by a one page synthesis and relevancy.   One paragraph minimum for synthesis (what is the article about); one paragraph for relevancy (how does this relate to international business and to any of the content we have learned in class).
  • The Global Project Journal should have a cover page with your full name, date, course name and section.

Global Project Journal Rubric

  • Credible article     (5 pts)                                                                                  25 points              _____
  • Credible synthesis (5 pts) each article                                                       25 points_____
  • Appropriate relevancy (10 pts) each article                                            50 points              _____


  • 100 points TOTAL    ______

Please submit your Global Project Journal in eCollege viaDropbox by _______________.