Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives
communities. His grazing proposal will never work here.
Indian: I heard some grumbling, actually. Maybe you’re right. What
do you think he should do?
Canadian: It’s simple, really. He should just admit he’s wrong and start
over again.
Do you think the Canadian has the right answer to the problem?  Explain.

  1. Three companies have been asked to bid the job of supplying electronic

mail service to the organization you work for as a computer
specialist. The ultimate decision will be made by your boss, but he is
relying heavily on your advice in this matter. As it happens, a cousin of
your boss owns one of these companies, the company asking for the
most money and the least able to deliver the goods. Your boss asks you
what you think of that company. What do you say?
6  You are the technical expert at a provincial agricultural extension
office. A delegation from the Minister’s office is coming next week to
discuss an important change in policy. You are the person who can make
the most substantive contribution to this discussion, but you are not
being invited to the meeting. Instead, your boss has been picking your
brain for days and has asked you to write a report for him containing all
the important points he should make. Finally, you ask him why he
doesn’t just bring you along to the meeting and let you speak directly to
the delegation. He says you’re too young to be taken seriously, and
besides, you’re a woman. Your arguments are too important, he says,
and he doesn’t want them to be discounted because of their source.
How do you feel, and what’s your response?
III.  Hofstede and Websites (30 points)  Go  Scroll down and choose Denmark and Lebanon.  Examine these Burger King websites and then compare and contrast them, noting their differences according to Hofstede.