Global Leader Styles

| June 19, 2015

Global Leader Styles
Compose a PowerPoint presentation of 4 slides (with bibliography) that you will deliver at a symposium for expatriates who are about to depart for work in other parts of the world. Prepare the new expatriates about what they can expect when dealing with leaders from the United States.

Create a profile of a typical leader from the United States, in terms of his or her style of decision-making, delegation, treatment of subordinates, goal-setting strategies, risk propensity, and communication.

Give tips on integration, negotiation, and leadership. Include a discussion on diversity, where the idea of minority has new contextual meaning. (Be sure to consider the reversal of normative ideas about majority and minority. For example, what difficulties may arise from a situation where a white U.S. manager is a member of a minority in the new global business environment?) Briefly offer suggestions for repatriation for the expatriates.


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