Global Issues in Accounting ACG33

| February 17, 2014

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MUST WRITE REPORT Assignment 2 – Major Report You are providing advice to a large and successful Australian digital technology company (KW DT Ltd). The company has succeeded in exporting their products to a number of overseas countries and has thus far avoided any problems with fluctuating exchange rates by requiring that all transactions be recorded in Australian dollars. Because of increasing demand for its products and lower manufacturing costs overseas, the company is now considering the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Malaysia, Thailand or South Korea. You are required to select one of these proposed destinations and prepare a report outlining to the board the accounting and other issues which will arise and which must be considered when developing an overseas operation in your selected destination. THIS ASSIGNMENT MAY BE COMPLETED IN GROUPS NOT EXCEEDING 4 PERSONS and must be submitted via AssignIT. If you need to locate other group members, you can use the discussion board. It is suggested that you do not put private contact details such as phone numbers on the discussion board, but that contact be via email in the first instance. This assessment will enable students to discuss various business and accounting issues arising from Australian businesses operating internationally. Graduate Qualities Assessed: • Are prepared for lifelong learning • International perspectives • Can work collaboratively • Communicates effectively Format / Expectations: This assignment is to be completed in the form of a report. This report must be printed in 1? line or double spacing on single sided pages with 3cm left and right margins, and 2.5cm top and bottom margins. The report is to be 2,500 words in length. The word limit excludes the executive summary and the list of references. All resources used in your report must be dated no earlier than 2005 and no undated resources may be used. The Harvard system of referencing is to be used. Failure to use or adequately use the Harvard system of referencing will result in a grade of fail being awarded for this assessment. Penalties Late assignments that do not have approved extensions will incur a “flat” penalty of 10% per day late (including weekends). Assignments received more than 5 days after the due date without an approved extension will be awarded a zero mark. *******************ACG33 (ver 16) GLOBAL ISSUES FOR ACCOUNTING

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Executive Summary
The research undertaken is aimed at providing sublime information on KW Ltd on its strategy to invest in Malaysia. The Company is intending to expand its operations to include cross-border transactions and the report tries to orient the Company on the beneficial impact upon investing in Malaysia. The report entails the major themes affecting the worldwide economies which include political, socio-cultural, economic and legal effects. The research is focused on the global issues affecting the accounting systems. For instance, hedging translation of foreign currency by the domestic company, risk associated with foreign exchange. This analysis provides an inherent…..ORDER NOW…..
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