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| October 17, 2015

1. A mentally disabled person, who cannot read, but looks physically perfect, was not hired by an organization for the position of a ‘data entry officer’. The mentally disabled person sued the organization. Who do you think will win the case and why?

2. A man with a criminal history applied for the position of a security officer. His application was rejected. Do you justify the organization or the man for this decision? Why?

3. An old man who has Parkinson’s disease applied for a position as a consultant at Old Homes. His application was rejected. Do you think it’s justified?
4. A man with a master’s degree was rejected for a position as a trailer driver. However, the man who was hired didn’t even have his high school. The company was sued. Who will win the case?
5. A pregnant woman applied for the position of ‘chemical tester’ in a pharmaceutical factory and was rejected. Can the woman claim against the Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

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