Global History – Assignment referenced bullet point summaries of the Learning Materials

| July 29, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Should be 600 words + referencing

Write fully referenced bullet point summaries of the Learning Materials in weeks 1-4 (learning materials attached as PDF’s ignore the activities in the learning materials), in order to demonstrate understanding of the key events covered.

Assessment details

  1. Read closely each of the following weeks’ Learning materials (the content located in the Learning materials I have saved and uploaded all these as PDF’s), being sure to also include a thorough reading of the links to external sources throughout the text.(also been PDF)


The weeks covered the following topics

Week 1: Global history and the birth of modern international relations


Week 2: Colonialism and imperialism


Week 3: WWI and the end of the multinational empires


Week 4: The Soviet Revolution and the Great Depression


2.Write a bullet point summary for each week, with full Harvard referencing. Each week should be summarised into about 10 bullet points of approximately 150 words (in total). Please use as many references as required.

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