give the journal entries to record the two expenditures during 2011 558548

Recording Depreciation and Repairs (Straight Line Depreciation) – Nasoff Company operates a small manufacturing facility as a supplement to its regular service activities. At the beginning of 2011, an asset account for the company showed the following balances:

Manufacturing equipment


Accumulated depreciation through 2010


During 2011, the following expenditures were incurred for the equipment:

Routine maintenance and repairs on the equipment


Major overhaul of the equipment that improved efficiency on January 2, 2011


The equipment is being depreciated on a straight line basis over an estimated life of 15 years with a $10,000 estimated residual value. The annual accounting period ends on December 31.


1. Give the adjusting entry that was made at the end of 2010 for depreciation on the manufacturing equipment.

2. Starting at the beginning of 2011, what is the remaining estimated life?

3. Give the journal entries to record the two expenditures during 2011.

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