"Gifted Students" Please respond to the following:

| November 20, 2015

•Analyze three to four factors that cause many racial- and ethnic-minority and low-income students to be identified as gifted underachievers.

•Formulate one or two techniques to ensure the recognition of gifted students in a classroom environment. Assess both the level of effectiveness of each technique as well as the potential effect that the technique in question would have on the student body as a whole.

Week 9 Discussion 2

“Multicultural Education”  Please respond to the following:

•* Assess one or two techniques by which teachers can implement the concept of incorporating community knowledge into the curriculum, as presented by Gonzalez and colleagues (2005), in terms of the likelihood of advancing school reform in a multicultural and global fashion.

•* Propose two or three techniques that would enable teachers to promote systematic multicultural and / or global school reform. Provide examples to support your rationale.

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"Instructional Design" Please respond to the following:

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