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| October 28, 2015

World History 106 Research Paper Points Possible: 40 Due: ________________ Reminder: Type and print your paper in black ink (do not submit your work in any other color). Use Arial or Times New Roman font, 12 point. Use 1 inch margins. Double space your paper. Turn in a HARD COPY your paper at the beginning of class Turn in your paper to Safe Assignment. It is due 24 hours after the date/time which you turn it into me. If you fail to submit your paper by the deadline, then you will receive 0 points on the assignment. If you turn in your paper to the wrong folder in Safe Assignment, then you will receive a 20% deduction to your grade. You must alert me immediately so you will be able to submit your paper into the correct folder. If you are having Safe Assign problems: You have 3 days from the due date to alert me if you are having problems with your Safe Assign submission. Refer to the packet I distributed in class on how to check if your work was submitted correctly. After this time period, if you fail to let me know you will receive a 0 on your assignment. No late work is accepted unless you have a documented emergency that I approve. When I ask for at least 5 pages: Students who want a grade of an A or B must write more than the “at least” amount required. Make sure that it is the length I require based on 1 inch margins. If you do not know how to set up your numbers on the 1 inch margin, and your computer indents your responses in more than 1 inch, then provide more than a paragraph, ½ page, or 1 page to make it the appropriate length. For the Research Paper: Type at least 5 pages on any person/group in History up to 1491. In this paper you will include: The purpose of why you chose this person/group. The points of view presented. Key ideas the person/group gave to the world. Why this person/group is important in History. Analyze how history would have been changed had this person/group not existed or performed a certain historical act. What questions do you still have about this person/group? You must include at least 3 sources (books, academic journals, and newspapers). You may include only 1 online source. Refer to the Research Paper packet I distributed in class on tips and requirements for your final paper You must include a bibliography and citations.

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