Germany development after the cold war

| February 25, 2014

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I want to write about the information about some information about the Germany development after the cold war. in addition, i want introduce information about German’s developments in both politics and economy.
And this is the requirement about the essay
Research Paper
1. Good Writing
a) The Historical Essay: Content and Structure
i. Introduction
1. General => Specific
2. Clear, concise statement of paper subject
3. States why the paper is important ("So What?”)
4. Thesis Statement
a) Topic, point of view (tell readers directly), major conclusions
b) Like a roadmap for you readers
c) Rest of paper explains, argues and proves the thesis
d) No “heroes”, “villains” – nuanced conclusions
ii. Body
1. Heart of the paper
2. 3 + fully developed, focused paragraph
3. Organization: chronological, topical, comparison/contrast – consistency the key
4. Integrates research done
a) You must cite your sources (See Bb) (cite the pages in a book)
5. Research should support your conclusions
a) But, treat opposing viewpoints fairly
6. Research should not dominate the paper – do not just string together quotes …
7. … should hear your voice, not just that of the experts
8. Topic sentence => present evidence => transition
iii. Conclusion
1. Specific => General
2. Restate thesis (different words)
3. Summarize main points
4. Importance of your study
5. Contribution to historical understanding
6. Suggestion for further study
iv. Resources
1. Office Hours: On Request, I will Review Complete Drafts Up to 1 Week Before Dues
2. SLU Student Success Center – Writing Services
3. GMU Wringing Center
4. Struck and White’s the Elements of Style
v. Documentation and Sources
1. Body – based on primary sources
a) Primary Source
i. Original material from time period under study
ii. Un-interpreted, unevaluated – “raw material” of historical study
iii. Ex.: letter, newspaper article, treaty, text of a speech, work of art, book (CR docs)
iv. Important: consider writer’s perspective (diases), possible motives in writing
2. Body – Supported by secondary sources
a) Secondary Source
i. Account of events written after the fact
ii. Interpret and evaluate sources
iii. Examples: history book (not a text book), journal article. Biographical work
iv. As with primary sources, look for biases
v. Best ones published by wil
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