| September 15, 2016

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You are being asked to prepare a written report for the following topic:
Alternative Sources of Energy As a team. These sources must be non-fossil fuel and non-oil related. You will find that people are experimenting every day on this issue. You may use the library, the web (YouTube videos), or any other source for your data. Alternative sources of energy can be the expansion of current technology or the invention of new technology. Some sources were discovered many, many years ago but were not developed fully for economic or political reasons. Include in your report where applicable:
• Name of energy source – GEOTHERMAL ENERGY
• Person or company given credit for development/discovery
• The process necessary to achieve the energy
• How the energy can be mass produced
• Practical use of this energy in domestic or industrial (or both)
• Economic cost benefit analysis
• Waste products
• Distribution methods and costs to transport energy
• Environmental impact
• Charts, graphs, video are encouraged
• At least 5 sources of information as footnotes or separate bibliography
• As a conclusion of your report, state your opinion(s) whether this has a promising future and, if so, how it will help our sustainability efforts. The written report will be double spaced, font size=12, can include graphics (remember to cite the source), and bound in a folder. Follow the report structure below and do not plagiarize!
Cover Sheet-
The report cover sheet will specify the Project Number (1, 2, 3) and the Topic (Geothermal Energy)
This section should give the reader a basic understanding of the research done including a purpose statement of problem leading into the rest of the paper. (1 page or less)
This section should include your complete write up. The requirements outlined in the Term Project assignment (1, 2, 3) should be included here. Innovative thought and beyond the normal investigation and conclusions will improve your grade. All graphs, charts, or images should also be in this section. (Maximum of 6 pages)
Include a conclusion statement regarding your team opinions on the usefulness of the research and its possible future with humankind and sustainability. (1 page or less)
Bibliography or References–
List your source information here

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