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A short 2 page project will be due on the last day with your final exam. You can choose ANY topic you like related to geology.

  • Your project title must be stated as a hypothesis.
  • I encourage non­traditional methods. You can choose to use alternative media such as a video,

develop a new geology related app for cell phones, I­pads, video game, volunteer at a local earthquake relief, planning, or outreach center, re­write lyrics to a popular song, theatrical skit, poem, filmed student movie, survey, short experiment, etc.

(All dialogue in your activity can be used as the text in your paper.)

  • You may work in pairs or groups. For all projects you must write your final results or information (e.g. lyrics, poem, dialogue) into a 2 pages paper. If working in groups, you must write 2 pages per student. Please do your OWN work when contributing too group projects.
  • References must include 2 books or articles in the format examples given (class text bookwill not count). (Note: Web URL’s are NOT ACCEPTABLE as a reference)
  • Paper length must be 2 pages (per person), double spaced with 12 point font.
  • Extra credit for brief presentation (2­3 minutes) of your work in class.

Look for topics in your text book, in library books, or the journals Here are a few topic ideas below.

(Remember to phrase your topic as a hypothesis.)

Earthquakes, hazards, causes, prediction Survey: “Are you prepared for an earthquake ?” Tsunamis



World distribution of earthquakes

Earthquakes which create tsunamis Climate Change

Global Warming

Mantle Plumes


Earthquakes which create tsunamis Sediment and Stratigraphy Structural Geology

Plate tectonic boundaries Subducting plates

Spreading ridges

Transform plate boundaries



Seismic waves

Hydrothermal vents

Underwater landslides Alternative energy, Solar, etc. Seamounts


Continental shelf

Planetary geology

Mars geology

Mars Rovers

Saturn – Casini mission Messenger mission to Mercury Geology of any planet Mountains on Mars

Volcanoes on Io (Saturn’s moon) Sun, Solar system

Continental Rifting

More Topic Ideas:

Climate change, Global warming

Earthquake engineering

Geology in construction and urban development Desserts, Beaches, Waves

The Earth’s core, magnetic field

Mantle convection

Mountain building (specific example – Himalaya, Andes) Geologic resources (oil, minerals)

Groundwater flow

Groundwater contamination (how to avoid / prevent it) How to conserve water in your area

Milky way, planets, moons Moon




Meteor impacts

Strata versus Shield volcanoes Gems, Mining,

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