Gentrification, Demography, and the Role of Universities

| March 25, 2014

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Try to find articles that link gentrification to demography. I am specific looking at the role of the university to help revitalize at a declining core.
Key words: gentrification, displacement, population loss and demography. Role of the university for cities.
I understand that this is a subject that has hardly no research. I will provide 4 articles. Please do your best to find more if possible. I put "10" sources but this is not necessary. If you happen to find more than I expect and feel that you need more than 3 pages, please let me know and I will edit the order. There is no source or page limit–the most important thing is thoroughness. I thank you in advance.
You may want to do a section on “Studentification” as this is one of the few concepts which seems to study the effect of universities’ bringing students into already established neighborhoods, sometimes gentrified neighborhoods. All the articles I found relate to this concept. It should not be the subject of the paper, though–focus should remain on gentrification and the possible effect universities may play in revitalizing declining neighborhoods. Anything linking gentrification with demographic factors would be helpful too, particularly in how it relates to nearby universities.
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