| July 16, 2015

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A genogram is a visual and written representation of a history and physical. This genogram will be based on information obtained from the Shadow Health patient named Tina. As you are completing the Shadow Health: Health History assignment (see below), you will be able to ask Tina questions in order to gather information for the genogram. Consult Chapter 26, the Family History section and Figure 26-3, in the text for an example.
Develop a three-generation family medical tree for the Shadow Health patient Tina.
• The three generations must include the patient, parents, and grandparents in order to receive full credit.
• Identify family members, ages, relationships, and significant health history with identification of risk factors.
• Identify deceased, divorced, or estranged family members and ages and causes of death of family members.
• Using the drawing tools in MS Word™, Excel™, or PowerPoint™, and standardized symbols and terminology, create a diagram of a family medical health tree.
• Include a written narrative with your diagram describing the family’s health history and the risk factors you identified.
• Follow APA guidelines for the narrative portion of the assignment and reference citations.
• Submit your completed assignment using the submission link.
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