GENG 200 Probability and Statistics for Engineers

| January 15, 2016

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College of Engineering
GENG 200 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Fall 2015
Computer Based Assignment #1
Given Wednesday 25-11-2015
Due Date Saturday 5-12-2015 by 23:59pm on BlackBoard
Exercise # 1:
Collect and Comment on the variability of three recent data sets describing similar processes (could be prices of three items over the last month, demographic information related to 3 countries over last year, etc.).
Exercise # 2:
Plot the probability mass function (PMF) and the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of 3 random variables following (1) binomial distribution [p,n], (2) a geometric distribution [p], and (3) Poisson distribution [ ]. You have to consider two sets of parameters per distribution which can be chosen arbitrarily. The following steps can be followed:
Setp1: Establish two sets of parameters of the distribution: For Geometric and Poisson distributions take two values of p (p1 and p2) and take two values of [ ], ( 1 and 2) respectively. For the binomial you should take two values of p and two values of n, first keep p fixed and change n, in the second keep n fixed and change p.
Step 2: Generate the random variables (at least 10 values) [column 1]
Step 3: Calculate the PMF [column 2] and CDF [column 3]
Step 4: Plot the PMF and CDF in different graphics (It is recommended to combine the graphics while changing the parameters).
Comment on how the parameters values affect the distribution.
Note: this assignment can be saved using Microsoft Excel, in this case you should submit only your excel file in blackboard (use one sheet per question, and one sheet as cover page). In case you used other software (such as Matlab, Mathematica, etc.) you should submit a report in word plus the source code of the used software. It is a personalized project, each student has to submit his own report.

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