Genetics-focused writing task

The genetic disease that my writing task will be on is:

Hereditary Haemochromatosis

The writing task questions relating to this genetic disease are listed in the attached document.

Please note that this is a second-year university level assignment (NOT high school/college), and the quality of the assignment should be written as such.


The assignment is 800 words +/- 10%. The word count does not include the questions, title, name or the reference list. The word count does include in-text citations. Figures, graphs and/or tables are not required for this assignment, as it is a writing task and not a lab report. As such, if you choose to include them the contents will count towards the word limit.


All references and citations should use the CSIRO-style referencing system. PLEASE let me know if you need clarification re this style of referencing, as it is extremely important. The referencing style CANNOT be wrong.