Genetic mutations and influence

in-text citation: This is a concept that eludes most people. If you are using an idea that is not common knowledge you need to provide a in-text citation (see style guide and assignment). When you are paraphrasing one of your sources, you need to cite. When you quote, you need to cite. When in doubt, cite. Not citing is called plagiarism. I will not deduct too heavily for the exact lack of citations, having a paper without any will have a negative effect on your grade.
Frequently asked questions about sources:
Once I have my academic sources can I use other non-academic ones? – Yes, you may. But do not lean to heavily on them for the content of your paper or your grade will suffer.
Can I use our book, or lecture? – Yes, but same as above, do not make them your primary sources.
Page length:
This is to be a 2 to 3 page paper. If you give me a short paper you will be marked off from anywhere from 20% to 90% of your overall grade. On the other hand, if you turn in too many pages (4+) you will also lose points. This will be a challenge for many of you. It may be difficult to write what you need to in so few pages, keep it pithy and to the point.
While this is not a English class and I do expect proper collegiate writing. Two hints: do not start your paper with a “Since the dawn of time” sentance. It is not a good way to start any paper. Also, set up what you are going to be writing about in the first paragraph. I don’t want to read a mystery research paper.

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