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Field Work
Assignment (1)
NAME: ________________________ ID NUMBER: ____________________ (Section) _________
1. Go out the classroom and observe people around you.
2. Choose one behavior that you found significant among the people around you. Example: people talking on their mobile phone, people shouting, people having conversation in the coffee shop, angry people, shouting and others.
3. After choosing one specific behavior, find out why they behave the way they are. Search related literature in the library, from the website, from the handouts given to you experimental psychology and others.
4. Analyze the behavior using the related literature you search, your observation and bio-psycho-social approach.
Behavior you want to analyze: _________________________________________________________
What are your assumptions: Give 3
Researches: Site the references. Give at least 3 different researches. Summarize each.
and please make it easy to read and use simple words`
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Critically evaluate psychologists' contributions to the promotion of pro-environmental behavior.
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