Gender Sentencing in America

| July 1, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

No Plagiarism
show if there is a inequality in sentencing according to genders and if so show statistically which crimes and which gender is receiving harsher sentencing. THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE

I. Title Page
a. Title of Paper
b. Your name
c. Date
d. Class
II. Abstract
a. 150-200 word summary of paper
III. Introduction
a. Introduce your topic
b. Provide background
c. Should be 1-2 pages
d. Should include a clear thesis statement
e. Look at format of standard journal article in one of our major journals
IV. Literature Review

a. Must have 10-15 sources. Summarize what is known on the subject.
b. Should be a critical review of the literature
c. Should be organized by topic areas not by source. Should identify connections between different sources
d. Source material MUST use peer-reviewed journal articles
e. DO NOT cite newspapers, blogs, websites, or textbooks.

In section V and VI – U need to use statistics test…using datasets and decide which test to use..test are like…..t-test or ANOVA OR any statistics test using SPSS software.
V. Methods
a. What were the methods of data collection (if you know them) What are the independent and dependent variables-
b. Research question(s)
c. Hypotheses-
d. Descriptive statistics describing your sample
e. Unit of analysis
f. Method of analysis (statistical technique chosen and why)
VI. Results
a. Present the results of your statistical analysis (include tables and interpretation)
b. Must have tables
c. Must discuss what the results mean
VII. Discussion and Conclusions
a. What do your results mean?
i. How does this tie back to the literature?
ii. What are the implications?
b. Policy implications?
c. Theoretical implications?
d. What would you do next?
i. What are your limitations?
ii. How would you address the limitations?
VIII. Works Cited
a. Must include 10-15 peer-reviewed journal articles in APA format.
b. Must be cited in text to include in works cited.
c. If cited in text must be included in works cited.

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