Gender Inequalities

| October 21, 2015

Task description:

Essay:  55%

Length:  2000 words

Note**- Im choosing gender inequalities

Choose an issue (such as, unemployment, homelessness, climate change, mental health, child abuse, asylum seekers/refugees, domestic violence, ageing population, poverty/economic disadvantage, racism, oppressive practices/laws, gender inequalities) and critically discuss:

– The nature and purpose of social work, with reference to social work’s actual or potential role in addressing the issue.

– Historical and contemporary debates within social work, and their potential influence on the issue.

– Social, political, and global influences on contemporary Australian social work practice and the issue.

– How your developing practice might be influenced from your reflections on social work and this issue.

In preparing this paper you need to demonstrate a capacity to identify, integrate and critically evaluate competing positions on social work and consider social work’s role in addressing the issue. Papers need to be logical, critically reflective, use relevant literature and correct referencing.


Criteria & Marking:

Your paper will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Conceptual discussion which integrates pertinent literature on identified issues (10 marks);
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of social work practice and identification of practice issues (10 marks);
  3. Quality of critical discussion regarding the influences on contemporary social work practice (15 marks);
  4. Quality of personal reflection (10 marks);
  5. Scholarship, written expression, logic, referencing, and range and quality of resources of at least 15articles in APA styles (10 marks)

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