Gender Differences in Communication

| March 16, 2014

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The assignment:
In a nutshell, you will write about the topic of gender differences in communication. Using the 4 sources immediately below, build a coherent paragraph–keep it under one page. Then we will write an introduction as per the instructions further below. The introduction will have 5 steps (probably five sentences) Be sure you write something for each of the five steps. I have provided a thesis statement for you. copy it.
I have done some research for you. Use one each of the 4 methods to help you quote the four passages below and weave them into a coherent paragraph using your own words to smoothly move from one research cite to the next. then fix up the citation information for your reference list, conformist it to APA style. After you write this up, we will write the introduction, because the first thing your reader reads, should be the last thing the writer wrote.
Quote 1:
Treating sex as a cultural variable is thus misleading and suggests an inflated image of the amount of variance it typically explains, especially when compared to a ??true?? cultural variable like ethnicity. Page 279 –Samter, Wendy; Burleson, Brant R. The Role of Communication in Same-Sex Friendships: A Comparison among African Americans, Asian Americans, and European Americans. Communication Quarterly, Aug2005, Vol. 53 Issue 3, p265-283
Quote 2:
Men have reported that their cross-sex friends give them the opportunity to behave in a more ??feminine?? manner than would be acceptable with their same-sex friends, and women feel that they can be more competitive with their cross-sex friends than with their same-sex friends. Page 234 –Holmstrom, Amanda J. Sex and Gender Similarities and Differences in Communication Values in Same-Sex and Cross-Sex Friendships. Communication Quarterly, Apr 2009, Vol. 57 Issue 2, p224-238
Quote 3:
There appeared to be some slight differences related to the sex of the dyad: male/male dyads said very little about their appearance, feelings, or home life while the female/female dyads spent more time talking about each of these topics. Males also seemed to talk more about entertainment oriented items, e.g., sporting events and rock concerts, than did the other dyadic types. Page 257 –Ayres, Joe. Relationship Stages and Sex as Factors in Topic Dwell Time. Western Journal of Speech Communication: WJSC, Summer1980, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p253-260
Quote 4:
While men reported more favorable attitudes concerning the FWBR [friends with benefits relationships] and framed it as more appropriate, nevertheless, the current study provides no support for the idea that at least from an interpersonal benefits standpoint (e.g., satisfaction, investment, closeness), that men benefit more from participation in a FWBR than do women. Page 342 –Green, Katie J.; Morman, Mark T.. The Perceived Benefits of the Friends with Benefits Relationship Human Communication, 2011, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p327-346
OK then, so write up your paragraph based on this research. The write an introduction. Finally, create a reference list.
Include a cover page as shown in the APA sample paper. No need to write an abstract.
The Introduction: Your thesis statement
I have much to say about thesis statements, which we will leave for our next writing lesson. For this assignment, use the following thesis statement:
The following paragraph will briefly discuss notable research in opposite sex communication and friendships.
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