Gender Abuse and Addiction proposal and annotated bibliography

| April 2, 2014

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I am writing a research proposal and the due dat is tomorrow for my class so i need the paper done in two hours I need a proposal with a thesis statement and methodology this can be 1-2 pages and the rest of the pages can be for the annotated bibliography. the sources can be either journals or books or scholar sources only i will attach the detail. The class is about Gender each person must chose a topic in which they argue about the masculine and feminine. I chose gender abuse and addictions on drugs alcohol etc.
(A formal proposal and annotated bibliography (3-5 pages) have to be submitted on March 22 at 11.59 pm. The proposal (at least one page) should contain a detailed introduction to the topic, a statement of purpose (including references to sources which are particularly important), the research question(s), the thesis statement, an explanation of why it is important, the methodology with a short description of each method and its usefulness, expected results. The proposal should be followed by the annotated bibliography which should have at least 6 sources
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Sex and culture
You work for an agency which has been asked to advise an Internet Business group about gender in workplaces around the world.


Category: Gender and Conflict Studies

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