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| February 28, 2014

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The summary and response journal need to be 2 pages, double spaced. i will evaluate carefully your understanding of the text as well as your reasoning behind your response.
write one paragraph (6-8 sentences) summarizing in your own words the main points of the reading (characters, plot, setting, etc) that demonstrate your understanding of the text. you do not need to include details or opinion; instead highlight only the main points. a good summary answers the following questions: “who did what, where, and when?what is the main idea of the text?’, “what are the main supporting points?, what are the major pieces of evidence?
write one paragraph (6-8 sentences) responding to what you read. It is here where you can provide your personal opinion, feelings, and thoughts towards the text. a good response will answer some of the questions below:
*what emotions, feelings, and thoughts came to you while reading?
*what was your favorite part of the reading? what was your least favorite? why?
*what idea, images, or details caught your attention?
*what is the tone or mood of the reading?
*"how do the experiences of the author (characters) Compare with your own ideas or experiences? are they same or different?
*what interests you most or what do you remember most about the reading?
*find a sentence or two from the reading that capture your attention, copy it into your journal, and explain why you chose it.”
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"Wild life" by Molly Gloss
Narrative analysis: This is the final battle between the Chief Brody and the shark.


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