G.I. Joe's Biceps

| May 19, 2015

Write a 500-word argument essay that is MLA formatted using “G.I. Joe’s Biceps” and one peer-reviewed article (worth 5 points). In your essay, argue how children’s body image can be affected by images. These images can include toys, pictures, video games, and/or shows/movies. Submit an electronic copy only to Turnitin.com

i want with work cited peer – reviewed

review By at least 3 experts in the field

– the sources are peer – reviewed.

– published in a scholarly journal .

– use the Houston Community College (HCC) ,

http://www.hccs.edu/ – libraries – search and find – Dates
and only use the article from Academic search complete or JSTOR or Project Muse .
DO NOT COPY AND PASTE, it should not be written before


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