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You must write an Individual project paper of 800 words. One of the topics listed below will be allocated in class to avoid duplication:
Art Nouveau; Arts and Craft; Dada; Futurism; Bauhaus; Constructivism; De Stijl; New York School; New Wave; Post Modernism.
Select a design artifact from your allocated topic era to feature in your paper. You must demonstrate your ability to reflect on a painting, print advert or photograph.
Your Project Paper must include the following points:
Who – key people in the design movement
When – historic time frame of the design movement
Where – geographic location
What – key features of the design movement –colour; typography; composition and arrangement principles to
support themes or messages in images or image sequences
Why – discuss the development of design and media products and their
relationship to society. (Context)
Your 800 word Project Paper must be emailed by the due date to your teacher. Image/s of the selected artifact must be included in the paper.
You will be shown how to use Grammerly to ensure the originality of your work. Your paper must be screened using this prior to submission.
Remember to save your research information and images. You will reuse it in a later Visual Communication Assessment of a Poster Presentation.
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modern arts midterm essay question 5
This image, Dollar Sign, by American Pop artist Andy Warhol is made from acrylic paint that has been silkscreened on canvas. Does this qualify it then as a painting or a silkscreen? Why?


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