Future Narrative Essay

| February 28, 2014

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In ten years, how will your life differ from the way it is today? Write a personal narrative from the future and describe the main event that led to this future position/situation in life. Be sure to include characters other than yourself and describe their reactions to the event along with your own.
Let your reader know the future time and place and circumstances from which you are writing.
Focus your ideas on a specific event or experience that has already occurred in your life, and present an engaging picture of the action and people involved.
Set the stage by explaining where things happened and what it was like to be there. Describe the atmosphere, the people, and the events by using precise vocabulary that appeals to the senses. If appropriate, use comparisons and metaphors to make the descriptions vibrant.
Include dialogue only when necessary, and format it correctly. Include dialogue that actually makes the narrative progress; don’t include mundane conversations that could be left out and not missed.
Build the narrative’s plot by establishing conflict, building suspense, highlighting the main point, and showing the outcome. The outcome is that future life from which you are writing; the other events mentioned in your story should be things you have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing.
Express how you and those around you felt at the time of the event, and express how your future self and future friends/family/enemies/etc feel now (in your future world).
Make appropriate and helpful transitions for your reader by using words such as before, meanwhile, and later to show where the story is leading or where the story has been.
Use verbs carefully. Choose strong active verbs, and make sure the tense of each verb accurately reflects an appropriate time sequence.
The paragraphs of the essay should contain 825-925 words. The essay as a whole will probably be 2.5 to 3 pages long. You must use MLA guidelines for the overall format of the paper.
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