Function and production of outer membrane vesicles "Who uses them and for what purposes

| February 22, 2015

I have 2 title for doing this order including:1-Function and production of outer membrane vesicles “Who uses them and for what purposes” and 2-Nuclear power: Radiotrophic fungi “
I would like ask of your dear writer to choose one of these topic as he think each one is more academical or better for doing as an poster.
I will attach some picture and platform details regarding to doing better quality poster. I would like to ask of your writer please to don’t use of any kinds of plagiarism or rewording sentences/paragraphs from references to doing this order. It is so important for me to doing a original and 100% order without any kinds of plagiarism as my uni will check all of the submission works by turnitin software.So again let your writer clear to don’t use of any plagiarism.
1-The total words for doing order should be around 900 word.
2_It should be in standard A0 landscape format with 118.9cm width and 84.1 Height.
3-The poster should include the Title, abstract, introduction, methods/procedures used, Graphs/Diagrams/ Life Cycles and etc. ,result, discussion and conclusion, acknowledgements, further information and References.
4-The order should be prepare as a PDF format to get a print.
Respectfully, I would like to ask of your writer Please, to doing this order in high level quality to making academical poster as you can do the best.
Also, if you have any question or any confusing/misundrestanding regarding to my order please let me know.

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Nuclear power: Radiotrophic fungi
Cancer Epidemiology


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