From Lab to Life Assignment,making yourself more competitive in the job market

| March 23, 2015

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The objective of this assignment is to encourage you to more thoughtfully, and more deeply, explore the employment terrain in which you hope to find a carrier.
In addition, it is hoped that you will begin to take active steps towards making yourself more competitive in the job market.
Imbedded in the assignment are 3 major tasks:
1. 1 To make an effort to explore the sectors, locations, and job roles that are growing in demand either locally or internationally in your desired area of employment.
2. 2 Examine your own personal attributes and desires and realistically reflect on how they may be of advantage for the jobs that exist and those that are likely to be in demand.
3. 3 Create an action plan of thing you can actually do in the next 5 years to develop yourself in a way that will advance your prospect of achieving employment in your desired area.
4. 4 Create a stunning Curriculum Vitae ready for any opportunity that may present itself.
Remember that your first job is not your last. It is one step along a personal career path. You will not be Chief Executive Officer in 5 years time, but you could be developing yourself, and positioning yourself, to realise  that ambition (if that is what you would like to be).
You are a graduate level student and should be expecting to explore the world with your own ingenuity, creativity and judgement. But thoughts are best developed in a dialogue with others and not alone.
In particular, your Curriculum Vitae should always be read by others. It is easy have a wrongly spelt word, a line wrongly spaced or in the wrong font. This is not good. It is nearly always taken to show sloppiness, which no employer desires.
The suggested length is UPTO 2,000 words, but his is just a guide. However, the Curriculum Vitae must not exceed 2 pages.

Remember, the first half page of your Curriculum Vitae must compel the reader to put you on the top of a pile of applicants. The Curriculum Vitae’s role is to get you to an interview.

moreover for Curriculum Vitae my degree is bachelor in Plant Biotechnology in 2/2/2012. I had graduate from College of Agricultural Sciences and food


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