Freedom of speech in social networking media

| February 10, 2014

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The topic on my research paper is freedom of speech in Social Networking Media such as Facebook and Twitter. I want it to be MLA style with double-spaced. I’m in junior year in college, so I just want a standard level research paper. I have a brief outline and some resources that I want to use for my paper. I will attach them. I will also provide the discussion I had with my professor on my topic.
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In this face of the 21st century period, there has emerged a new wave of social media technologies that have had a great impact and more so transformed the many of the society’s aspects. Face book, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and others have a huge global following and have influenced the political, social and information activities of persons or organisation in the global perspective. However, in the recent times, controversy over the kind of information exhibited in these social media platforms have sparked responses from other members of the community with regard to the ethics and philosophers in technology. While this reactions may be challenged by the day-to-day development of these new technologies, there is an urgent need to observe the ethical aspect of free speech in social networking. As social networking continues to develop, there is a growing concern by many people on the abuse of the rights of speech and communication on its platform. The misuse especially has been with regard to “free “expressions and speeches which are allowed in the media platforms by these companies…ORDER NOW
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