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| December 14, 2015

Step One: Gather Information

Read the two short articles below to understand two sides to the outsourcing argument. Take notes, as the articles may present information you might want to reference in your assessment.

The Cost of American Outsourcing

America’s Future With Outsourcing

Step Two: Present Your Opinion

After collecting information about both sides of the debate, you will present your opinion. Choose one option for the format of your work:

Option A: You may choose to debate the issue with other students through a discussion board or there are many 21st century tools available for effective collaboration and communication in the online environment. For more information about tools your school recommends, please visit the resource tools area in your course or contact your instructor. If you prefer a live debate, ask your instructor whether an opportunity for a live debate is available. View these Debate Tips for help with a student debate.

Option B: You may choose to present your opinion in a persuasive essay. View these Essay Tips for help with the written option.

In your debate or essay, be sure to address these questions:

  1. Why are some people against outsourcing? Why do others support it?
  2. Choose a developing nation and a developed nation. What industries or companies may have an interest in outsourcing to these nations?
  3. What barriers to trade would prevent an American company outsourcing to one of those countries?
  4. Do you think outsourcing would promote or hinder a healthy American economy? Explain.

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