Franz Kafka Metaporphosis

1. As Franz Kafka knew from his own life and as portrayed in The Metamorphosis, families possess the power to both improve and injure the psychological well-being of their members. Comment on the ways that the Samsa family benefit and harm each other, citing examples from the text. Do you have sympathy for Gregor? If so, why and at what times? If not, why not?

2. From Gregorâ’s point of view, what might be some positive aspects of his metamorphosis into an insect? What circumstances in Gregorâ’s life might have caused him to feel dehumanized even before the metamorphosis took place?

3. Some readers of The Metamorphosis have proposed that Gregor is actually insane and only thinks that he has been transformed into an insect. What evidence can you find in the text to support or refute this interpretation?

4. A person changed into an animal, or vice versa, is a common theme of fairy tales and fables. In what ways is The Metamorphosis similar to fairy tales you know? In what ways is it different? Such stories exist to teach a moral lesson. What moral lesson might the novella illustrate?

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