Frameworks that are used to assist Strategic IT planning

| June 19, 2015

Frameworks that are used to assist Strategic IT planning

Write a 3650 words report from 12 relevant website links. I have attached 5 links with this work file. Please find it.
You need to find 7 more website links for the topic which provided on top. You can collect your content from Peer Review, Industry Report, Published Report, Interview from Experienced well known people. After that you can start your work on Assignment. But your work should be only based on the links. You need to make a report based on the links and it must discuss all key information from all articles on this report.

1. Your report must be including all website links you have covered – that is to say, you will consider/discuss ALLkey information from all articles.
2. You must cite ALL readings you have listed in your references.
3. Your report/paper needs a title and name(s) or author(s).
4. Your paper should start with an abstract (about 200 words maximum). The abstract should clearly outline what your paper addresses and what you have learned.
5. The abstract is followed by an introduction – briefly discuss the background and explain the purpose of the paper you have written. Also include the methodology applied for data collection (in your case it is mainly review of literature).
6. The main body of the paper – where you elaborate the results. It must be structured as appropriate (in sections) to address (discuss) all findings of your work.
7. Conclusions – your overall reflection on what you have discussed in the paper (about 500-700 words).
8. The length of your paper is expected to be 3650 words.

In general, your must cover the following (unless specific arrangements needed for certain topics):
• Clear understanding of the concept
• Any frameworks or standards involved
• Best practices cases (if applicable)
• How are organizations managing in that particular area you are studying and what is your view/reflection?

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