Fracking and Water Contamination

| February 6, 2014

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Fracking is the process of natural gas mining in which streams of water and certain chemicals are pumped at high pressures into the underground rocks containing the natural gas and petroleum to force the gas to the surface, from where it can be collected. This process is also known as hydraulic fracturing drilling, (Mase, 2011). The process had previously been exempted from the list of water pollution causes. However, recent studies have shown a link, though minor, of not only water pollution but also air pollution to the process. Ground and air monitoring equipment have collected data to show this. Ground water that initially tested negative for the synthetic chemicals related to fracking has now indicated presence of the same after more and more tests were recommended after the initial results were negative, (Travis, 2011). The Fracking process The process of fracking begins with preparation of fracking fluid in which various chemicals are mixed with water…ORDER NOW…
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